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Tactical Navigation served Gary Jobson had the America’s Cup Sailing Championship win and a plurality of various sizes are adept sailing. He is also an Emmy winner as a television commentator interviewed ninth America’s Cup and sixth Olympic Games. Over the years he has served as the Rolex replica brand ambassador Jobson, who has written 19 books on sailing. He is currently Vice-President of the International Sailing Federation, and former president of the American Sailing Association. In 2003, he officially joined the America’s Cup Hall of Fame.

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Yachts at an alarming rate, with close by. Crew leaned forward, like to use willpower and body posture, struggling to assist the sailing acceleration. In front of the start line, but only a sailboat can be the first to sail. Focus not only experienced captain, his face revealing a pool of more storms traces, as if speaking to a another story. Among the firm determination, self-evident. All this was before the starting gun sounded occur.

In fact, in 30 minutes before the signal sounded, sailing has begun. Many details of the decision must be taken during this time. Time is ticking past, the race is about to begin, the captain must wake up to fight the spirit of twelve, to be starting gun sounds, immediately led sailboat crossing the starting point. One second gap, enough to make the advantage lost. But the captain also knew that if he started the first, will have to return to the starting line, a new start. As a result, a greater blow.

However, at the moment nor is conservative and cautious when. Captain flip the wheel slightly when the wind leaving the ship at the forward acceleration. Liao hand loosened rigging, new sail voyage adjustment. Do not send them to concentrate, during a statement. Each member of the crew focused on the allocated work. Starting gun sounds, the game started.

For many members of the crew, the moment the game begins, is definitely a heart-pounding experience people. Fleet arbitrarily transferred position, appears to be a chaotic situation. However, the captain had a pretty good idea, the potential to take precedence sail. They organized to occupy a favorable position. Both in the soccer field or basketball court, the team will do “fake” outsmart other teams. In sailing, the red line is the most important moment. So to take the lead arrived, we have an overall strategy, which also requires a lot of “fake.”

Every game the most difficult to control factors is the wind. No one can accurately predict the wind direction and wind speed. In the period before the start of the race, the fleet will have to begin study weather trends. After sailing members will discuss which route is more appropriate. For example, when the route to the east than the wind, waves or current favorable than those of the ship will set sail after traveling in that direction. To confirm that the right decision, one way is before the start of trial, driving through the main part of the first stage, thereby understand the wind.

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The next step is to set sail before the signal sounded to determine the correct setting sail, so the crew adjusts the sails from time to time. In the golf game, players and caddies will be before hitting discuss Which club selection, but also similar Regatta. Masted sail combinations and set many options. From the outset, the fleet will need to select the most effective and set sail.

Race committee will also try to arrange the starting line and at right angles to the wind direction, can make sailing sail in different locations, so that each vessel as fair game. However, this rarely really happened, because the wind from time to time change, the fleet will be close to each other, it is difficult to determine the wind. Helmsman goal is to find the starting line in a blocking position of the vessel does not sail. Then according to plan, sailing in winds and currents without interference.

Vessels larger volume increased to full time will be longer. Before passing the start line must sailboat sailing at top speed, it is necessary to be close to the start line but can not be jumping the gun. Otherwise the consequences be disastrous, because the boats jumped the gun only need to return to the starting line, the correct set sail again, but this time most of the fleet had sailed away. Helmsman most worried about starting too early, so they plan more or less tend to be conservative. At the exact moment you want to set sail, the key is the helmsman of technology.

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Top helmsman will set sail several times before timing voyage. This will enable the helmsman to know before reentry and sail at full speed, how many should be kept away from the starting line. This technology consists of three America’s Cup champion skipper Harold Vanderbilt · S · first introduced in the late thirties. Then heavy J-class sailing, take a long fairway just enough lift to the highest speed. Vanderbilt will turn back before the start line, leaving the start line for several minutes. He also knows other vessels traveling at the same speed reverse. If the vessel reaches the starting line too early you will need to slow down. The Vanderbilt certainly hope his sailboat has been growth. Today, the acceleration lightweight sailing class sailing faster than J. Therefore, to head start, split-second decisions is crucial.

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YACHT-MASTER II is the best ally sailing members. While the ultimate precision replica swiss watches, the crew planned to have confidence in accordance with the first to set sail. I like to check the position of the pointer watch, because I know that the time required to allow the starting line of a location on arrival. As mentioned earlier, it is a head start judging time and distance elements. To accurately set sail, suitable watch is essential. Since many years ago, “heroic Number” (Courageous) on competition for the America’s Cup began, they have been with me a Rolex watch counterparts. It is like a trusted friend, to give me courage and perseverance, courageously. Accurate performance enough to rewrite the whole situation.

To head start, helmsman intrinsic motivation is a major factor. Simply follow the instructions of the crew, there is not much communication between everyone. Crew had discussions on a comprehensive plan to discuss, it is down more than concentrate on his task well. However, the plan is always variable. Regatta in the end, each team scores matched, attack each other of things seems inevitable, as is the drive to the starting line when the slow down opponents speed, whereby the advantage. If attacked by other vessels, the helmsman would have to change plans. In this process, the helmsman and tactical guidance must work closely together. Once attacked, adopt different strategies, the first can be avoided. If this does not work, it will have to take the initiative to snatch the advantage. This often helps to disrupt the opponent’s rhythm. Do not locked by another ship, otherwise it will be far better than the fleet, therefore have to be thought out every detail. Most champion troops, common walking step, do not want to get too complicated.

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The most exciting moment than the 30 seconds before the starting gun sounded. Each member of the crew to focus on their work, distractions. Helmsman and wind to join hands and cooperate, full speed ahead. Crew needs leaned squat, so the rear sailboat members look at the situation. Any who cry will only cause confusion. In case another vessel there were shouts, often in trouble signs, difficult to have a good start. The best fleet have one thing in common, that is, the crew were quiet for the tournament. Wind sail hand to keep an eye route changes, the sails raised new direction. If the biting winds, the crew will move to stabilize the windward boat. I like to see at the moment the crew demeanor in photographs. Their faces revealed great determination, encouraging. Each person on board to look ahead, but the crew as if driven by willpower sailing speed up navigation. Of course, determination and perseverance are the elements of the fleet played outstanding performance.

Helmsman, tactical guidance and foredeck hand could mark the starting point of visual orientation and land somewhere in between, in order to determine when the bow crossed the line. In the final seconds, time and distance prudent judgment is particularly important. YACHT-MASTER II is undoubtedly the most accurate guide.

Whenever a crew after crossing the starting line shouting:. “Start of the race.” I always taught me a knowing smile. Of course, the game has started, but these words represent a turning point, that is, the vessel has crossed the start line, the most important is the leading airline in the rest of the fleet. A good beginning is half the battle, so that vessels have a greater opportunity to first to complete the race.

In the game, everything is possible, and the weather change. Thus, each turn there will be unexpected places. However, the finish can bring great satisfaction. After the finish line, the hands of the Rolex replica watches continues accurate timing, but we also note that the gap between themselves and the rest of the fleet at the finish line. Soon, another game will be launched on board every person look again at the starting point for success online.